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7 Canadian Best Travel Destinations You Must Visit In Your Holidays

A holiday trip is not just a series of events. It is an entire story that you would want to narrate once you return from the trip. Some of the events would be interesting, while others might not be the same. It all depends on the destination that you have chosen. If you’re traveling for the holidays and have picked Canada as the location you want to unravel, it’s a choice well made.

With its mighty mountain peaks, cosmopolitan cities, and majestic wildlife, Canada has a lot to offer. It has unlimited spots to explore in several days, and tourists tend to miss out on a few. Luckily for you, the article here mentions the seven best destinations that will surely make you marvel at the beauty of Canada.

List of the Best Canadian Travel Destinations

1. The Niagara Falls

Located on the border with the USA, Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s most famous natural sites. This waterfall drops to a staggering 57 meters into Niagara George. If you are staying in Toronto, it is the nearest tourist destination for you to visit. It has attractions available like boating that would take you near the roaring waterfall and cover the view in mist arising from the glass-like water.

You can also try zip lining to the falls. It serves as an adrenaline-filled ride through the water with views of bands of water arcing as you pulse through the sky.

2. Churchill

If you are fond of furry pals like polar bears, Churchill is the right spot. Located in Manitoba, the arctic Tundra brings you up close to the polar bears. From September to November, these gentle giants migrate through Churchill. It means you can book conveyance that will take you riding through the Tundra to look at them. The beautiful bears are sweet despite their razor-sharp claws and ferocious teeth. The Tundra also offers the sight of beluga whales in the summer.

3. Rideau Canal

No matter the season you are visiting, Rideau Canal is worth your time. Anyone planning to visit in the summer would love this destination. It has an almost 200-year-old waterway connecting various rivers and canals along its 200 km-long pathway, which provides you with the best boating experience.

Visiting hereduring winter is a jackpot. The canal that connects Ottawa and Kingston is completely frozen and becomes a skating rink – the world’s largest skating rink to be accurate. Also during February, an entire festival called Winterlude is held where people build huge ice sculptures. If you are not interested in the festival, try sliding on the 7.8 km deep ice only to stop by for some hot cocoa and Beavertails. These are Canadian delights made of fried dough and hot chocolate.

4. Montreal

If you are a spectator of history and culture, make sure to mark Montreal as a to-go spot. The city is filled with sections that are full of historic buildings. It is found where St. Lawrence and the Ottawa Rivers converge. People consider it the cultural capital of Canada and the largest in Quebec.

Along various historic buildings, the food is also quite famous. You can splurge on bagels, smoked meat, and poutine. Visitors often fuel up and wander on horse carriage rides through the 17th-century cobblestone streets. Here, European essence adds to the Vieux-Montreal building. While Basilique Notre-Dame displays art, the Plateau Mont-Royal dazzles with its quaint boutiques and cafes, and the Phi Centre gets the art enthusiasts crazy.

Furthermore, the place is popular for various music festivals, with Montreal International Music Jazz Festival being the best one. It consists of over 500 performances, and plenty of them are free. Held in June, the festival sure does attain a lot of media coverage and tourists. If you visit, do pull in and listen to the jam sessions being held on street-sides, which shows Canada has a lot of talent!

5. Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy is located between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on the East Coast of Canada. It is often listed as a natural wonder. The unique structure and geography of the Bay result in the most spectacular high tides in the world. Water enthusiasts arefond of the tides at the bay reaching up to 16 feet, which makes the height of a five-story building!

Apart from surfing and planking, whale watching is quite common at the Bay of Fundy. Endangered North Atlantic whales can be found here migrating to other parts of the ocean. Also, a lot of killer whales, humpback, fin, and blue whales come to the Bay to feed on krill and plankton.

Moreover, the Hopewell Rocks set a beautiful backdrop comprising reddish cliffs, while the archeologists find the Bay of Fundy as a study zone for numerous dinosaur fossils found nearby. With about 160 billion tons of seawater channeling in and out daily, the Bay of Fundy sure is a trifecta wonder of nature.

6. Whistler

Whistler is an escape from the everyday hustles of life. If you want to witness the wonders of snow, then visit this 2010 Winter Olympics venue, which is also one of the most famous ski resorts in Canada. Sports enthusiasts love Whistler as it provides myriad options like skiing and snowboarding in winter. Whereashiking, stand-up paddleboarding, and mountain biking between Whistler and Blackcomb are fun for summer visitors.

The stunning alpine village here has many spas, restaurants, and bars that provide exquisite cuisine and great service to travelers. Also, this mountain location has paved the way for art and culture, with Audain Art Museum and Squamish Li’lwat Cultural Centre being attraction spots for explorers. According to tourists, this year-round hot spot is sure to give you some thrills as you visit.

7. Vancouver

It is not possible to not visit Vancouver while in Canada. The city gives the surreal view of nature meeting technology. It has a metropolis and skyscrapers thriving with work. Further, this location offersa serene view with skiable mountains in the background. Also, you can find thick rainforests and islands combined with beaches on the coast.

Vancouver looks like a scene out of a fantasy movie by offering skyscrapers sparkling with dew drops from rainforests. You can visit Gastown, which is a historic section of Vancouver with a lot of lively pubs. The city parks and neighborhoods are enthralling with life and beauty. Whereas, the beaches are filled with various humpbacks and Orcas throughout the seasons.

Moving on, the city is often called the ‘Hollywood North’ as various TV Shows and movies are filmed in this Metropolis. The natural outskirts, and parks alongside historic buildings and food, combined with towers will surely keep you mesmerized.

Wrap Up

Canada is a land of contrasts with bustling places and a diverse spot to visit. The country is filled with culture and showcases its history and arts. Sight-seeing polar bears on the arctic tundra of Churchill or visit Vancouver, gawk at Niagara Falls while boating, fusion cuisine in Montreal, skiing at Whistler, skating at Rideau Canal, and surfing on the Bay of Fundy, Canada has a lot to offer.

If you are planning to visit here, make sure to try these seven destinations. Also, if you have ever been to Canada for holidays, mention the names of a few places that you have explored.

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