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Recommendation Letter Template

By |2019-03-09T19:45:44+01:00March 9th, 2019|

Recommendation Letter Template For a few employments, employers demand letters of recommendation in written format. They may even ask for them as a feature of the provision process. In these cases, the petitioner is asked to submit recommendation letters (commonly a few) with their resume and presentation document. When you're approached to furnish a reference [...]

What is your Resume format?

By |2019-03-09T19:32:08+01:00March 9th, 2019|

The resume formats are chosen as per the type of employment you are searching for, your experience and skills-set. You may be aware that the employer will not invest much time to go through your resume. Assuming that the employer checks your resume, within thirty seconds he/she chooses whether to call you for the meeting [...]

Resume Objective Examples

By |2019-02-13T16:16:42+01:00February 28th, 2019|

Resume objective is the section to clearly mention your career aspirations and highlight your key skill sets that suits the requirement of the employer. Good resume objectives will always impress the interviewer or employer. Shape your Resume Objective You might be applying for the same kind of position which falls under same industry, but you [...]

Write an excellent business letter for your company

By |2019-02-22T18:55:42+01:00February 22nd, 2019|

The rise of rapid email has left numerous individuals unsure of the right convention when composing a business letter. Truth be told there are various organizations that could be utilized for expert business letters. The business letter is made for keeping up business interchanges and it must reflect the feeling of professionalism and make a [...]

What is a Cover Letter?

By |2019-02-20T10:33:48+01:00February 20th, 2019|

A cover letter is a document which has the purpose of introducing and explaining the contents, purpose, or functionality of some other item. This other item could be a bag of materials, a certain event, or (in most cases) another document. The previous definition is very broad, and for that reason there are many different [...]

Writing a Curriculum Vitae as a Graduate Student: Part II

By |2019-02-22T19:28:13+01:00February 20th, 2019|

In Writing a Curriculum Vitae as a Graduate Student: Part I, we covered several main topics of writing a Curriculum Vitae as a Graduate Student. In Part I we covered: Primary Materials Applicant Info Education Honors and Awards (Grants, Fellowships and Patents, etc.) Research Experience Teaching Experience Publications and Presentations In Part II, we will [...]