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The Combination Resume is a format often used by those who wish to start working for a different company in the same line of work. This paper format is a mix of the Chronological Resume and the Functional Resume in that it takes the best of both worlds, including both work history as well as skills and experience in the paper. The main benefit of this format is that you are exposing a lot more attractive information to the potential employer, which can increase your chances of landing a job interview, but one must be careful not to include too much information in each field since a resume should have a maximum length of two pages.

The outline that follows will give you a detailed perspective on how to go about making your own Combination Resume. Once you have developed your own paper following this outline, it is recommended that you mold your details to fit the specific needs required for the job position you would be applying for.

———————               ———————

                                                                               FULL NAME

STREET ADDRESS                                                                                           CITY, STATE ZIP CODE

HOME PHONE NUMBER                                                                                             MOBILE PHONE NUMBER

EMAIL ADDRESS                                                                                             WEBSITE (OPTIONAL)


Your goals / ambitions in life as well as the goals you would have as an employee for the job position you’re applying for would be written in this field. Remember to keep the information written here relevant to what the company searches to achieve (Note: look into the company’s mission statement to find out more about the goals of your company).

Skills / Abilities:

In this field you would provide a list of skills / abilities that you believe would help you accomplish the tasks given to you in the job in question. It is recommended that you leave out any skills that have no correlation with the job being applied for, mainly because it takes up precious resume space. For instance, a man who is applying for a job as a personal trainer at the local gym should not include his ability to write JavaScript code in his resume.

Job History:

Any and all relevant previous jobs should be included in this field. The list should be chronological, with the most recent of those jobs being the first one. Each item should have a short explanation as to which were your daily functions in the position occupied.


This field includes all of your academic achievements, honors, and rewards. The most important items should be the first ones on the list and the information should be presented in a “bullet” format.


Adding references to your resume increases your credibility as a responsible potential employee. All references should have the complete name of the person in question, his or her credentials, as well as contact information (home phone number).

———————               ———————

It is important to remember that a resume should be between one and two pages in length. Often, Combination Resumes written by inexperienced job seekers pass this limit because of the large amount of content that can be written when you have both the “skills / abilities” field in combination with the “job history” field.

Some other factors to consider while writing your resume are to keep the information relevant to what the employer is looking for, maintain exceptional grammar, and keep your sentences short and precise.

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