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Speech disorders can happen to anyone, whether there is a family history or not. What not many people may know is that there are different types of speech disorders and there is a speech therapy West Covina to help treat the problem. That being said, no ‘one-size-fits-all’ therapy that can help everyone dealing with speech disorders. To get the appropriate help, it is important to know the speech disorders in detail. So let’s begin this blog that talks about different types of speech disorders and how the appropriate therapy can contribute to an improved quality of life.

Types of Speech Disorders

  • Disorder of Speech with Childhood– 

This is a very common disorder that makes it difficult for children of all age groups to accurately move their tongue when speaking. This type of speech disorder happens when the brain of a child is unable to coordinate movements.

  • Orofacial Myofunctional Problems– 

This type of speech disorder is very common among adults, teenagers, and children who suffer from abnormal mouth and face movement patterns. This problem occurs in people with development of facial muscles or bones and abnormal growth. The actual cause for this problem is still unclear. The patients dealing with this problem often find it difficult to eat, talk, breathe, swallow, and drink.

  • Articulation Disorder – 

This is not a very common speech disorder and occurs only in toddlers or young children. According to specialists in the field, this type of disorder is based on the individual’s inability to form certain sounds. The patients may also find various certain words and sounds distorted and they may make the sound of “th” when sounding “s”.

  • Stuttering Disorder – 

Now, this is one of the most common speech disorders among children, adults, and young people. The patient dealing with this problem would find it difficult to speak certain words fluently and would include “blocks” featured by long pauses. They may also repeat certain words while speaking. While it is very common, it is a fact that it can be easily handled with the help of stuttering speech therapy. Individuals dealing with the problem would often feel the dither in their bodies and may even avoid certain words triggering their stuttering.

  • Receptive Disorder – 

As the name suggests, this type of speech disorder is clearly about repeating something or facing difficulty in understanding something when spoken a single time. The problem is defined by trouble understanding and processing certain words, which often results in a limited vocabulary or trouble following directions.

  • Resonance Disorder – 

This type of disorder is not just about the speech or the movement of the tongue, but it mostly happens due to an obstruction or blockage of airflow in the nose, mouth, or throat. The obstruction in these areas may result in affecting the vibrations defining the voice quality. The common reasons for this speech disorder are swollen tonsils and  cleft palate. The support of a professional healthcare specialist may be helpful in this type of speech disorder, instead of simply consulting with an expert in stuttering speech therapy West Covina.

  • Selective Mutism – 

You must have seen many children who find it difficult to speak and communicate effectively in particular social settings. It is called selective mutism and is often seen in teens who are also dealing with anxiety disorder. The same child or individual may be a fluent speaker at home or with selected people (group of friends) but can start to communicate improperly in select social settings. It is also known as social phobia where the individual will find it tough to become friendly or communicate in public.

  • Dysarthria – 

This might be a new term to many people because this is not too common for people to come across people dealing with Dysarthria. This is a type of speech disorder that mostly occurs due to injuries in the brain which can cause the strength of muscles in the mouth, lips, tongue, or jaws. These areas of the face can become too weak to perform in a proper manner, which can hamper an individual’s ability to speak in a proper manner. The reasons can be a traumatic brain injury or right hemisphere brain injury.

The Types Of Speech Disorders Can Therapy Treat

While speech therapy is not helpful in dealing with all of the above-mentioned speech disorders, the following are the issues that can be solved with the right type of speech therapy.

  • Language Disorders – 

It is a situation when the language disorder hampers an individual’s ability to learn to speak certain sentences or words.

  • Speech Disorders – 

People dealing with speech disorders find it tough to produce certain sounds of speech or we can say certain words clearly or talk fluently.

Final Words

When an individual is dealing with a problem where it is tough to speak or communicate clearly, it is suggested to consult with a specialist in speech therapy West Covina to get the appropriate support as speech therapy can help deal with almost all types of speech disorders without the side effects.

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