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Curriculum Vitae or generally referred to as CV in the acronym arena has derived its name from Latin, which boasts of lending a bulk number of words to English Language. Curriculum Vitae in Latin means “course of life”. Basically a Curriculum Vitae is a precise document summarizing the past professional skills and experiences. The purpose relating to Curriculum Vitae is to explain and demonstrate the presence of necessary skills thus required for the proposed job, enabling the chances of being shortlisted, if not actually selected. Curriculum Vitae provide an overview of the experiences and qualifications possessed by a candidate. It might include the educational qualifications and academic background as well. A Curriculum Vitae is a more detailed synopsis than resume, might include awards, honours or affiliations if any.

The Curriculum Vitae must be tailor maid to be specific. Going through the company’s web page or information brochure is a good idea. The applicant must know what to apply for and what skills are specific for the job. Making a list of the present and past jobs thus undertaken is necessary. This is essential for uplifting the self-prospect. Brainstorm the personal interests and hobbies as unique ideas are standout. Relevant skills as computing skills or proficient in “Wordpress” or “Excel” fetch special recognition.

Creating a personal format for the Curriculum Vitae is customary. Basically it is a good idea to list the name, address, phone number and email at the top of the page. Create separate sections for educational qualifications, work experience, skills, achievements, interests and other relevant information if any. Providing a reference in Curriculum Vitae is always catchy. Praises from past faculty of instructions attended or past employers can provide an edge.

An error free Curriculum Vitae is what the employer looks for. Always it is necessary to get the Curriculum Vitae double-checked of any grammatical or spelling errors. Read twice to find out if a sentence could have written more precisely

Antony Gonzales.
MNK Road, Florida.
Phone: 301-201-2001

[email protected]


Professor, Philosophy


M Phil, Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Mint, 2001
Concentrations: Child Philosophy Social Philosophy.
Dissertation: A study of deprived women in rural and economically backward society.

Masters in Philosophy, University at Michigan, 2006
Concentrations: Child Philosophy in education and socio-economic upgradation.
Thesis: Communication Skills of Learning Disabled Children

Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Kent City University, Kent, England, UK, 2000

Lecturer 2001 – 2006
University of Kent
Course: Child Philosophy  in the classroom during teaching

Assistant Teacher, 2005 – 2007
University at Michigan.
Courses: Philosophy of Special Education of disabled students.


Research Skills:
Extensive knowledge of SPSSX and undergone special SAS statistical programs.

Grants and Fellowships:

  • RBS Grant (University of Mentone Research Grant, 2005), $5000
  • Workshop Grant (for ASPA meeting in New York, 2010), $7500


Awards and Honours:

  • Special Philosophy Scholar, 2003
  • Award for special research in Philosophy, 2012


Skills and Qualifications:

  • Programming ability in C++ and Java
  • Microsoft Office, HTML, VB, .NET framework.
  • Proficient in Spanish and French.

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