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Formulaic plotlines, superbly choreographed battle scenes, stunning song-and-dance routines, emotion-filled melodrama, and larger-than-life heroes continued to remain staples of Bollywood films. Here you can get to everything about the latest Bollywood entertainment news.

Ajay Devgn remembers the one occasion in his career when he wanted to give up acting in films: I felt like I wanted to stop at some point.

Ajay Devgn, an actor, admitted to being a workaholic and claimed that after vacationing with his family for two days, he starts to grow restless and longs to return to his desk. However, he wanted to give acting up completely at the height of his fame in the 1990s, when he was working on more than a dozen films at once.

Ajay claimed that this was the only occasion in his career that he had ever lost love with films while in attendance at the recently attended Critics’ Choice Awards 2023. When asked how he had a “hunger” for so long, Ajay responded that it was “inborn.”If the hunger has ever subsided, he responded, “Yes. If I’m being completely honest, there was a time in the 1990s when… When we first started, we used to work on 14–15 films at once. Now, we only work on one film at a time. Four shifts every day for five to six hours were the norm for us. We used to leave for work at 7 a.m., film on one set until around 12, and then change into the same pair of pants to work on the other set. To shoot for four to five hours, we just changed our jackets or shirts.

Ajay laughed when asked if he could recall the role he was playing. “No, we forget so often,” he said. If you watch those films, you’ll notice that most of the performers wear the same jeans and shoes because we’re too lazy to change. And so it continued. You work from 7 in the morning until 3 or 4 the following morning, and frequently, you only move from one studio to another. Travel there, crash for two hours, then resume your work. I’d like to end now since I’ve reached a certain point. My enjoyment of my job was low.

Ajay remembered that the performers were doing too many films at the time, so the guild implemented a regulation. In order to avoid conflicts, it was decided that no actor would have more than 12 films in production at once. When I reached that realisation, I stopped doing this because I felt I no longer wanted to work. I started completing two or three films every year. Only that phase existed. But other than that, I adore going to work. If I was left with nothing to do for two days, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, he added.

In order to deter males, Priyanka Chopra’s dad barred her windows: ‘I feel…

Actress and global icon Priyanka Chopra claimed that when she returned to India from the United States, her father had barred the windows in her room. After a boy jumped onto her balcony at night, she added that the precaution was taken to protect her. In an interview with Howard Stern, Chopra disclosed the information. She claimed that her father, Ashok Chopra, was “paranoid” about her safety and advised her to wear loose or ethnically inspired clothing. She also said she was “arrogant, vain,” and believed she was “invincible” for the first two years after coming back to India.She claimed that when she “peacocked” like she did in her American high school, boys would follow her home. After the incident, her father was much more worried and forbade her from wearing jeans and gave her a driver.

Thoughts of her father were sympathised with by the actress. “I understand, but my career took off. She said, “I really feel horrible for my dad. In the Indian Army, her father served as a doctor till his death in 2013 from cancer.The power couple returned to the Met Gala carpet, which put Priyanka and her husband Nick Jonas in the limelight recently. For those of you who were unaware, their love began at the Met Gala and developed there. Their black and white outfits were synchronized.

Priyanka is a prominent character in Citadel, an expansive spy-thriller series on Amazon Prime Video. In addition to Richard Madden, she also plays the lead.

The comments made about me by Shine Tom Chacko harmed me: Samyuktha

Samyuktha, whose Telugu movie “Virupaksha” will be released in Malayalam theaters on May 5, claimed Shine Tom Chacko’s jabs about her caste surname made her unhappy. The actress expressed sadness that Shine had disparaged her by equating her progressive decision with another occurrence.

“I made the choice to have my caste surname removed. I still find it repulsive to hear my last name when others call me. First, I removed my caste surname as a move towards advancement, which is one of the two reasons why his statements made me unhappy. It doesn’t mean that just because I said it, things will change. Even when I travel, people still refer to me by my last name. They continued calling even after I traveled to Chennai for movie promotions.

A lot of people have questioned the actress about her choice, she continued. The things I mentioned must be novel to many individuals, I think. Nevertheless, a sizable portion of society has made similar choices. The social structure of Kerala is quite advanced. I chose to remove my last name because of this. The fact that I was questioned about that choice was difficult, therefore. On top of that, what I said in Chennai was completely different. The fact that Shine brought up something completely unrelated to that when discussing my choice was hurtful, she said.

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