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In today’s world of globalisation advertisement has its own niche. It is essential to forecast your capabilities, at the same time hot highlight the lows and faults thus present. On such juncture resume or rather self advertisement has immense facility. A resume highlights the skills, experiences and achievements thus publicises the options of being hired or provide a tempo to the stagnant career.

A resume ought to be elegant enough to accept the reader’s attention and also should be placid. Moreover the page layout is to be decided. The font size is expected to be 11 or 12. Times New Roman is the obvious choice as font type but Arial or Calibri is also the trend now.

Listing the past employment history, if any is essential. The educational history and job experiences should be laid down chronologically. Since a resume is a self-advertisement hence highlighting yourself or any other acquired professional skill is customary. Never be oblivious to list the references and volunteer experiences. Provide any other pertinent information. Finally plan to make the resume shine. Create titles which grab immediate attentions and mention the awards or recognitions and achievements received in the professional field.

Sandy Applicant
54 Main Road, Florida 12345

[email protected]



  • Had worked as medical client and in recruitment fields..
  • Undergone extensive work in background checks and in coordinating drug screenings.
  • Extensive preparation and compliance of files for the health organization accreditation.
  • Efficient in scanning confidential documents and thus filing them into electronic filing system
  • Experienced in monitoring employee file compliance with utilization of computer system to generate reports.
  • Proficient in auditing each employee file in order to update incomplete and missing paperwork within the prescribed time limit.


Zadanda City College

Has undergone vocational as well as professional training and workshop on basic accounting skills such as journalizing, posting entries in the general ledger, preparing financial statements.


Wow Technical College, Zurich, Switzerland
Certificate Course of Legal Executives Exam

  • Acquired knowledge on civil, criminal and contract law and legal issues.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing management and sales conditioning.
  • Masters degree in marketing and customer satisfaction.


  • Experienced in recruiting and scheduled staff
  • Possesses experience in supervisory tasks of all kinds.
    Experienced in processing of information, promotion, transfer, termination and staff related issues.
  • Experienced in Human Resources and hiring of individuals.
  • Investigated employee related issues with pertaining to payroll and benefit.
  • Efficient at coordinating day to day activities of office and solving staff related issues


Awards and recognitions  

  • Provided assistance to the new customers in finding merchandise
  • Helped locating stock merchandise for home delivery of goods
  • Received acclamation for being the best customer service provider over telephone surveys
  • Managed cash and credit card registers.


  • Knowledge of Oracle, Visual Basic, HTML and Java.
  • Volunteer work: City Welfare from 2009 to present.
  • Sana NGO, working with the physically challenged children.
  • Hobbies: Reading, Sketching, Philately.

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