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Millions of people love Facebook for many reasons. As the largest social networking platform in the world, Facebook allows you to find almost anything on the website. The video alone is rich, with different users and sites sharing different types of content. So, what if you get too engrossed in a Facebook video and want to save it for later? You can save it for later viewing, or simply download it to your device and watch it anytime, even without an internet connection. If the second option works for you, here our Facebook video downloader HD comes in handy for you. 

Keep reading as this article will guide you to easily download videos from Facebook with FDownloader.

Everything about our Facebook Video Downloader HD

FDownloader is a web-based Facebook video downloader. It is easy to use and lets you download high-quality photos and videos from Facebook. This web tool is straightforward to operate and never asks for third-party applications or plug-ins. It works 100% free while making the download procedure more effortless for non-techies as well. You can download unlimited videos in HD, SD, Full HD, 4K, and 2K. 

Apart from its impressive and user-friendly interface, FDownloader comes completely safe. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, Windows, Mac, Linux computers, and tablets. It doesn’t need your sign-in or login information through any web browser. Our Facebook video Downloader HD simply operates through Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, CM, UC, Dolphin, etc. So why not just give it a try?

Why FDownloader Among Others?

Have you watched an amazing video on Facebook and thought about how to share it with your friends on Whatsapp or Instagram? Or do you ever want to download Facebook videos so you can watch them offline?

As a Facebook user, you may know that Facebook does not provide an opportunity to download videos. The “Save Video” option is only reasonable when you save the video in the Facebook community.

Millions of Facebook users are here because Facebook videos can’t download to any device. That’s why we suggest our Facebook video Downloader HD. An excellent place to smoothly download free Facebook videos. What are you waiting for?

Download Facebook HD videos on Mobile and Computer

It is also possible to download high-quality Facebook videos using online tools. While the ads and redirects on these sites may prevent you from choosing such tools, the convenience they offer will get you noticed. HD Facebook video downloader online allows you to save high-quality videos from Facebook to your computer without downloading any software and thus saves you a lot of time. If you don’t mind the potential problems it can cause, try the online tool presented below to download high-quality Facebook videos online.

Steps to Download Unlimited Videos with Facebook Video Downloader HD

Here is a simple step guide on how to download Facebook videos with this smart FB video downloader.

  1. First, visit the Facebook application or website.
  2. Go to the search bar and search for the video you want to download.
  3. Select your favorite video from the search result.
  4. Now copy the video URL to your device clipboard.
  5. Visit FDownloader on your web browser.
  6. Paste the copied URL into the input box at the top of the page.
  7. Hit the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button.
  8. You can see the preview of your video and choose the video quality whether “Download HD Video” or “Other Formats”.
  9. Then hit the “Download” button again.
  10. Wait for a few minutes until the process is over. 

How to copy the Facebook video URL

To copy the URL from the Facebook video, there are two options. 

  • On your computer, choose the “Share Icon” in the upper right corner of the video. Go through the options and select the “Copy Link” option. Or go directly to the address bar and copy the long URL from there.
  • On your mobile, Click the “Share Icon” in the upper right corner and select the “Copy Link” option. 

Where can I find the Downloaded Videos? 

Usually, downloaded videos from Facebook are saved to your “Download” folder unless you change the browser settings. Mac, Windows, and Linux save files in the default folder. So use browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Brave. 

The Best Features of this Fantastic Downloader

FDownloader comes with many advanced features for its users. Support, compatibility, and recent updates make this free FB video downloader the best. 

  • Completely free to download unlimited Facebook images and videos.
  • Fastest download speed with few simple steps.
  • Instant downloads in just one click.
  • High-quality Facebook image and video downloader.
  • Require no downloads, subscriptions, or third-party installations.
  • Comes with easy to use, clean, and simple user interface.
  • Receive ongoing updates with the best features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

FDownloader is the leading Facebook video downloader HD, allowing you to download Facebook videos with better quality. Here are some frequently asked questions by FDownloader users. 

Which video Quality is supported by FDownloader?

Most Facebook videos are in MP4 format and are available in  HD, SD, FullHD, 2K, and 4K formats. The quality depends on the uploaded video file. If you uploaded it in 1080p, you can also save it in the exact quality.

Is this Facebook Video Downloader Free?

Yes, you can use this Facebook video downloader for free. You don’t have to pay to download Facebook videos with this online downloader. This tool allows you to download unlimited videos from Facebook as you wish. You do not need to worry about paying any charges.

Can I Download Live Facebook Videos?

Yes, you can download Facebook live videos once the live stream is over. It also depends on whether the owner of the live video keeps it or deletes it after the stream ends. You have to check whether the video is available in your account after the streaming is finished. Then you can easily download it by entering the video’s URL on this Facebook video downloader online.


Now you know everything about this amazing Facebook video downloader HD. It is the best tool that comes with the most useful features for all users. FDownloader is a simple tool that allows you to download high-quality videos with just a few clicks. So use this tool once and enjoy the unlimited download experience you never had in your life. 

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