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Ghostbusters: Afterlife Movie Review & FAQ

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife Movie review by Chris Stuckman :

when-is-ghostbusters-afterlife is outGhostbusters Afterlife is directed by Jason Reitman, the son of the original director Ivan Reitman. This is the much-anticipated follow-up and the film about a single mom and her two kids. When they arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. But before we get into the video, I do want to give a big thank you to the sponsor of a portion of this video, and that is Sony’s Ghostbusters Afterlife and the mobile game Ghostbusters Afterlife Scare. This game is the perfect opportunity for Ghostbusters fans to relive their childhood paranormal fantasies in a fun, modern way. Via augmented reality. You can obtain and use the gear and equipment you see in the movies. You can destroy and collect ghosts with your bag. You even get game phone calls from characters in the film, and the actors from the film portray themselves in the game. The game is fun to play and watch. Imagine how funny it would be to watch someone running around, possibly screaming as they try to shoot and run away from the ghost they see on their phone. There are eight episodes of augmented reality gameplay. The first two are completely free. The last six are pay-to-play. You don’t need to travel to play the ghost come to you. And if you’re looking forward to the movie, which comes out on Friday, November 19th, this is a fun way to get pumped for the film.


So if you’d like to play the game, check out the download link in the description below. Thank you so much to Sony’s Ghostbusters Afterlife in the mobile game for sponsoring this portion of the video, so I had a chance to see the film early tonight. Naturally, I was looking forward to it. Although I kind of wish it came out around Halloween, they probably didn’t want to compete with a lot of other Halloween releases. It’s still nice to have an infusion of creepy goodness, even in November. It snowed yesterday in Ohio, so thanks. The state of Ohio for that. That was nice. In my review of Ghostbusters Twenty Sixteen, I mentioned that I don’t hold any nostalgia for Ghostbusters. I wasn’t allowed to see the movie when I was a kid. J.w. says it turns out that ghosts aren’t too big on ghosts, so ghosts were bad. Stuff wasn’t a lot to watch it. So Ghostbusters for the first time in my 20s. So when it comes to fan service or nostalgia or things that you know are trying to hook me when the story itself might be weak, it’s not going to have much of an impact on me.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Official Trailer-1 (Hd Format)

Me and Jason Reitman actually had an introduction before the film started, and he mentioned that his dad was basically sitting next to him almost every day on set, looking at every shot that he set up, and he jokingly said that was rather difficult. He was like, Imagine having your father come to watch you at work every day. But he described it as a family movie, something that was very deeply personal to him. And you can tell from the first frame there’s a lot of love and care to everything in this movie, from the look of it, to honoring the original to presenting fairly exciting action sequences, but more importantly, new characters that you can get excited about. Mckenna Grace plays Phoebe, a young girl who’s moved to this place with her mom. She never really knew her grandfather very well, has no idea who he is. She has a very deep interest in science, and she’s incredibly smart. She’s almost unrealistically smart. Paul Rudd plays a summer school teacher who’s also into seismology, and when they meet up, they can have completely coherent conversations with each other. Despite the fact that Paul Rudd is like 50 years old and she’s a little girl, that’s how smart she is. A character like that could easily come off grindingly annoying, especially when most of the major fans of this franchise are my age or in their forties at this point.

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But McKenna Grace is a superstar. She is so likable and so fantastic in this movie that I could easily watch an entire series of Ghostbusters films just about her exploits. I could easily see Kids of today being inspired by this character and wanting to learn about science or engineering. Paul Rudd is he’s got to be the most likable human being on the planet. It’s so hard, not Halloween. Six You like Paul Rudd as Tommy Doyle? He’s just he’s Paul Rudd, and he’s very, very funny in the film. I will say he’s not in the movie as much as I want him to be, though he’s in the film fairly often. But then at one point, he’s just not, and I find myself missing him. I wanted more of that character. I think one of the biggest takeaways from this movie for me is actually how well it is directed. Because Jason Reitman isn’t exactly known for making big-budget movies Hollywood movies, he tends to do smaller things, character studies, and comedies like Juno or Young Adult. And from his perspective, I can’t even imagine this daunting task. You know, you’re basically carrying the legacy of your family on your shoulders, probably Ivan Reitman’s most famous and loved the film, and having him actually be there with you. And you also have a fan base to satisfy. And they haven’t liked every Ghostbusters movie, so I can’t even imagine.


And I think he did an excellent job. There is one action scene in this movie, in particular a chase scene that was handled so efficiently. I was actually jealous. It also has that creepy vibe that you really want from this kind of movie, that type of nineteen-eighties Amblin vibe. Of course, we have Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things, and I’m sure that was no mistake. But there’s an aspect of the movie that I won’t get into that was surprisingly very heartfelt and could easily be handled poorly and perhaps disrespectfully. But I think they did the best that they could with it. I think they handled it in a way that fans will be very satisfied with. Now I’ve read some reviews of this movie that have mentioned fan service quite a bit of unnecessary nostalgia. The film can’t stand on its own blah blah blah. I have feelings about this. I have. I have very. I have intense feelings about this, actually, because when it comes to fan service, I’ve talked about this many times on this channel. For me, if a movie is going to have nods to an original or something that we all know and love, it’s sort of like that guaranteed. Yes. The writers know the audience is probably going to like that because we already know they like that, and it’s viewed as a cheat or an easy way out, like too much voiceover or something in a script where it’s like, Well, yeah, that’ll help.

The way I view it is that if the story itself can stand on its own, if I already liked the movie, like if they’ve done all the work, if they’ve set up new characters and a new story in a new place and they’ve done all that work, and then they say, also, here’s a little bit of extra that you could possibly enjoy. That’s the best way to do it. And Ghostbusters Afterlife does have some things that fans will probably go, Oh, wow, look at that. Again, not having seen the film when I was a child, I’ve only seen the first Ghostbusters two times and I like it. I think it’s very entertaining, but I’ve only seen it twice. I’ve seen Ghostbusters two once. Same with the twenty sixteen Ghostbusters one time. So when certain things happen in this new one, I was like, Oh yeah, that’s interesting. What a fun little Easter egg. Now, some other people might be screaming and crying and their heads might explode, but I was genuinely interested in this story and I liked the way it was made. I thought it was a pretty funny movie. There are some good jokes and there are a few scares that I could see little kids being like, you know, a little fucked up by. And that’s great. I love that shit. I just think sometimes people get a little up in arms about fan service and nostalgia and films, and they tend to focus on that a lot, as I am doing right now.

So there’s that. It’s probably going to be hard to see a review or read a review of this movie without people mentioning it. Despite all of the clear work that went into telling an original story that does not follow the formula of the nineteen eighty-four film in the way it presents events that are happening and it is new. It just has some, some, some old stuff too. And I don’t know. That’s great to me, that to me, that works really well. Like I said, as long as the setup and the new stuff is good, then the extra stuff just feels like icing on the cake. And when it comes to Ghostbusters Afterlife, I went in with extreme skepticism. I have to be honest and it surprised me. I think Jason Reitman did an excellent job, and I think the entire cast, especially McKenna Grace, is really good. And I do think that Ghostbusters fans are going to have a big, silly grin on their face for most of the movie. So check it out in theaters this weekend, guys. Thank you so much as always for watching. Look forward to more videos very soon, and if you like this, you can click right here and get stuck immunized.


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