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Considering ITIL Certified in 2023, you’ll find a wealth of advice and information in this article. ITIL certifications are recognized worldwide as the benchmark of excellence in IT Service Management (ITSM). The certifications are given to people and companies with an assurance of competence and understanding of ITIL most effective practices.

There are many ways to accomplish it.

Several ITIL certifications indicate the growing depth of understanding and knowledge of this ITIL framework. The basic ITIL Certified is called the “ITIL Foundation Certificate.” It can be followed by ITIL 4 Specialist, Strategist, or Leader certifications.

Additionally, “ITIL 4 Foundation” can be accomplished by an entire organization, whereas “ITIL 4 Specialist – Create, Deliver and Support” is only achievable by individuals on staff.

Read on to find out what ITIL certification is best for you so that you can include it in your ITIL maintenance program.

What exactly is ITIL certification?

Let’s begin with the basic. To fully understand what an ITIL certificate is and why it is required, we have to go back and start by understanding an overview of the ITIL framework.

We have a comprehensive guide to the subject. To keep things brief, the ITIL framework can be described as a set of best practices for service management guidelines. It was first released in 1989 when it was known as”the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and was explicitly focused on ITSM top practices.

Why is it crucial to get the ITIL 4 certification?

For companies that take their employees to ITIL 4 Certification training or hire new employees who have ITIL 4 certification, various benefits are seen differently by people in multiple positions. The most evident divergence in perception is of those who work in service management looking for improved methods of working as opposed to the top management who wish to see enhanced ITSM results and operations.

The benefits of managing services can also be considered factors that drive its use, i.e., the improvements required to meet the needs of businesses for better technology enablement.

ITIL certification levels

As we’ve already mentioned, there are numerous ITIL certifications, each with specific benefits. Let’s take a review of every ITIL 4 certification level.

It is the ITIL 4 Foundation certification.

This certification provides an overview of ITIL 4. ITIL 4. ITIL Foundation training and guidance can help you understand ITSM and service management ITSM as ways to design, develop and continuously improve services and products and the value they bring.

The most critical ITIL 4 Foundation certification areas comprise:

  • ITIL 4’s seven principles of leadership.
  • Four dimensions to the management of services.
  • What are the different ITIL 4 management practices that help enhance the effectiveness of your operations and improve results?

It is the ITIL Master certification.

Candidates who have completed the Managing Professional and Strategic Leader certifications are eligible for the “ITIL Master” designation. This is ITIL v3’s ITIL Expert designation introduced in ITIL Version 3. Candidates must provide evidence of minimum of five years of experience in roles that are suitable in the following areas:

  • Service management leadership.
  • Management.
  • Management advisory role.

ITIL Training: How can I be eligible for the ITIL certification?

Passing the certification test is the only way to earn the ITIL 4 certification. The exam’s routes are, however, different for different candidates. For instance, there are on-site ITIL training courses and online ITIL classes for training (which can be recorded in advance or live, or an amalgamation of both). Candidates can also “self-train” using the ITIL 4 books after purchasing an exam and eBook package from PeopleCert.

Candidates can also access formal training courses in a group or as part of a company training session. They will be with only their colleagues, not the random group that includes ITIL 4 certification seekers. The training can be called “on-site” at the candidate’s workplace.

ITIL certification exam

ITIL 4 certification tests can only be completed on the internet.

In terms of what it is that ITIL 4 certification exams are about In terms of what they cover, the ITIL 4 Foundation certification (if the official ITIL training method is chosen) includes a two-day training which is followed by a forty-question exam that has an average of 26 correct answers needed to be passed. For the more advanced exams, each module required is a 3-day course, and a 40 multiple-choice test where the correct answer is 28 must be completed to pass.

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