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Almost every homeowner in the United States encounters network issues at their home. Sometimes, these issues are quickly resolvable while on some days they persist for a longer time and result in a frustrating experience. 

To avoid these network problems in your home, it is crucial to amplify your home WiFi system using different methods. For example, if you have a Rockspace router at your home, you can use a WiFi range extender provided by this data networking brand. In case you do not know much about amplifying your router, you can also check out re.rockspace.local setup website portal. You will find detailed information about various troubleshooting and amplifying procedures you can perform to boost your WiFi system performance.

In this post, you will be learning about different effective ways to amplify your home’s WiFi system. You can follow these steps for all routers, extenders, and boosters from different brands. Before we move ahead to the central idea of this post, let’s try to understand the need for WiFi amplification. 

Do You Really Need to Amplify Your Home Wi-Fi System? 

Every homeowner needs to amplify their WiFi systems periodically, no matter how expensive or premium the router you are using. It is a must to boost your WiFi performance. However, you can wait for up to 1-2 years if you have already amplified your router within a few months ago or you bought a brand new WiFi system recently. 

You need to amplify your home’s WiFi router immediately if: 

  • You are encountering network range issues in some rooms of your home.
  • Your WiFi network speed is slow.
  • Your WiFi network connection gets interrupted frequently.
  • Your WiFi network security is breached by outsiders.
  • Your WiFi network is unable to connect to as many devices as you want.
  • You have to call your ISP every few weeks for a connection-related complaint. 
  • It’s been so long since the last time you upgraded your router.

Apart from this, there could be many other reasons that suggest it is time to upgrade or amplify your home’s WiFi system. 

Most Effective Tips to Amplify Your WiFi System and Increase Its Capabilities 

Here are some tried & tested and expert technicians-recommended tips that can help you amplify your home’s WiFi system and increase its capabilities. Let’s have a deep look below. 

Place the Router in a Good Network Place 

First things first, place the router in a new place where your device can access the network comfortably. The center point of your home could be the best location to place your router as your device can share the network equally with every corner of your home from that point. However, make sure the center point of your home has direct access to the network. 

Place Your Routers Away From Walls & Floor 

Walls, floors, and some household metal items interrupt a WiFi internet connection. If you are encountering a weak-internet connection issue, these objects could be the culprits. Thus, place your WiFi router or extender away from the walls, floor, and metal objects. Doing so may improve your WiFi performance incredibly. 

Adjust the Placement of Your Wireless Electronic Items 

Most WiFi technologies that we use at our homes function at the 2.4 GHz frequency band. And some electronic items that we utilize in our homes like microwave ovens, baby monitors, and garage door openers also function at this frequency band. Thus, they act like a wireless network interrupter for your home’s WiFi. Adjust the placement of these devices or put your WiFi router or extender aside from them. This may bring positive change to your WiFi connection. 

Get a New and Better Router Antenna 

Usually, routers have omnidirectional antennas that broadcast radio waves in all directions. A high-gain antenna is also available in the market that you can use to get the broadcasting in the direction you want. Get this type of antenna for your home’s WiFi router if the omnidirectional antenna doesn’t work for you. 

Switch to 5GHz Frequency Band 

If you are unable to enjoy live streaming on your smart TV, this is maybe because your WiFi network is tuned into the 2.4GHz frequency band. Smart TVs and certain high-frequency electronic devices do not operate at their best potential. Thus, try switching your router’s frequency band to 5GHz. You might get the desired results. 

Get a Brand New Rockspace Extender 

Rockspace is one of the most reputed data networking brands in the US. It manufactures and sells the most cutting-edge routers and extenders. If you invest in one of their WiFi range extenders and connect it to your router, you will receive unbelievable results. You will be able to enjoy live streaming, gaming, and video conferencing anywhere across your home. You just need to ensure that your router and extender are not placed too far away from each other. 

Install the extender and after that, you will need to log in and set up it. Head over to re.rockspace.local to learn the correct steps to complete the login and setup procedures fastly. 

Update Your Router’s Outdated Firmware

The firmware in your WiFi router is like an operating system in your smartphone. It must be updated and available in your router in the latest version. Check if your router’s firmware is outdated, update it as soon as possible. You can call your ISP for that or you can do it manually by going through firmware update manuals. 

Make Use of the Mesh WiFi System 

Last but not least, make the most out of the most innovative Mesh WiFi system available in the market. The objectives of this WiFi system are similar to range extenders but it uses multiple satellite units to lengthen your home’s internet network range. Get a mesh wifi system now for your home to enjoy high-speed and high-performance internet connection all over your home. 

Wrapping Up 
Now, we have got almost all points covered. We hope these tips to amplify your home’s WiFi system will be helpful for you. To get access to such quality and useful information regularly, head over to re.rockspace.local online portal. You will be able to access a variety of technical guides on WiFi systems.

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