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STD testing Santa Monica is the way to help people know whether they have any sexually transmitting infections or not. A major part of the population is either suffering from these diseases or may have had it in the past. There is an underestimation when it comes to the statistics for people with STIs. 

This is mainly due to the fact that STIs mostly come with very minor or no symptoms. Lack of knowledge about STIs leads to people not taking STD testing seriously. Together these factors lead to more and more getting the infection without them knowing about the same.

To take the right step in the direction of sexual health and well-being, it is extremely important to understand what is an STD. The sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, etc develop because of the presence of STIs in the body. During intercourse with someone who has STD, the infection may enter your body. It is not necessary that if you have STI then you will be suffering from STD in the future. The presence of STI in the system makes you prone to having STDs.

Do you need STI testing?

So now to know if you have an STI or STD, it is essential to take the STD tests on a regular basis. In case you are wondering if you should take an STD test or not, following are some points that will help you decide:

  • It is always better to go for STI testing when you are entering a new relationship. This not just allows you to know about your health, but is also a preventive measure.
  • When you and your partner do not want to use protection during intercourse, it becomes important to opt for testing before that.
  • If you are witnessing symptoms of STIs then it is always advisable to take the necessary tests as per the symptoms.
  • Further, if you have relations with multiple partners, then you are at a higher risk of having the infection. Taking the STI tests will help in diagnosing the infection at the right time.

Preparing for STD testing:

Understanding the difference between STD and STI is important to have a clear idea about the conditions. Also, if you decide to take the STD tests on the basis of the above points, it becomes necessary to know how to prepare for these tests.

Deciding to take the STD tests is a strong decision in the right direction. But you must know that how frequently you should take these tests depends on a number of factors. Having a clear conversation with your doctor is the first step for testing. You must discuss the reasons for taking the tests. Your symptoms will help in knowing which diseases to test for. 

Furthermore, these infections do not grow within a day or two of the sexual encounter. The window period for testing will give you an idea about when to take the STD tests. Make sure you are also discussing about STD testing with your partner to help ease the anxiety that comes during the testing period.

For some people, the costs of the tests may become a concern. So enquiring about the costs and the different places for STD testing is also important. In the end, as per your test reports you can decide the next course of action.

Places to test for STIs or STDs:

The testing facility for STIs as well as STDs is available at several places. Having an idea of all the different places will help in choosing the best testing laboratory. You may get STD testing at one of the following places:

  • Planned Parenthood

The Planned Parenthood provides the facility of STD testing. This is mainly to help people know whether it is safe to plan a family or not. Usually the costs of STD testing vary because of factors like demographics, income, etc.

  • Doctor’s Office

If you want a quick test for STDs then you can always get it at your doctor’s office. Some doctor’s provide the facility of STD testing in-house or may have connection with laboratories to do it for them.

  • Local Health Clinics

For anyone looking to get the STD tests for free, the local health clinics are your go-to place. They mostly run on government funding and provide testing facility for diseases like herpes, syphilis and many more.

  • Pharmacy

There are some pharmacies who provide the option of getting tests for STIs like gonorrhea, HIV, etc. This can also be a choice when you plan to get STDs testing done.

  • At Home

There are also at-home testing kits available that can be your choice if you feel uncomfortable about STI testing.

Deciding Note:

STIs may develop into STDs when you ignore them for a while. Clearly, the STDs are curable when you diagnose them at an early stage. But this is possible only when you understand the importance of STD testing and opt for it on a regular basis. Just by being a little cautious you can avoid all the stress that comes with STDs. Timely diagnosis and treatment is your way to avoid the severe diseases that occur because of STIs.

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