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In order to write a letter, possessing a basic idea and knowledge along with a fundamental skill is necessary. Writing the letter in the correct format is equally essential. In most cases the formal letters meant for official purpose are either typed or printed. On the contrary informal letters are generally handwritten, thus carrying an essence of response from near and dear ones.

For a informal writing the date is customary. Writing the date after leaving a gap after the address or mentioning the date as the beginning of the letter is justified.

Another important aspect of informal letters is the salutation. Begin the letter with “dear” or “hello”. Even “hi” or “hey” is acceptable for friendly letters. The salutation should be followed with a name (for friends) or the relation to be mentioned (as father or sister, etc.).

Never miss to add a complementary note at the end. For informal letters, the close should reflect the relationship of the sender with the recipient;”affectionately”, “fondly”, “with love” are some of the commonly used ending phrases. Moreover attention should be paid to the fact that if hand-written, the handwriting should be legible and spelling-error free.

Finally the body of the letter should not be too small and ought to cover three paragraphs of body other than the introduction and conclusion.

An example of informal letter written by a friend.

Dear Sunny,

I was taken by surprise on receiving your last letter. I am sorry on not being able to write to you earlier as I was pre occupied with some urgent work. I am sure you shall be equally enthusiastic on knowing what kept me busy and would give away to your anger.

As you know it has been my wish since childhood to visit and explore unusual places. Presently I think it would take you by surprise to know that I have chosen to spend my holiday in Antarctica.  I am so very excited about the whole event.

The people I shall be travelling with are well experienced and incredible too. I have learnt that this will be theirs seventh expedition to Antarctica. They are well acquainted with the snow covered paths and the perils associated with it. I have met with some of the members of the team and am hopeful to take up the challenge on a positive note. The thinks shall be quite different once we are in Antarctica. Apart from the furious weather conditions, with the normal temperature ranging around minus thirty degree Celsius all around the day the agonizing snowfall and gusty snow storms will be a new challenge to do with. You know even the tents are to be set up in a special way.

Looking forward to see penguins, seals and walruses. We shall be starting our actual journey by ship from Brisbane, Australia into the Southern Ocean after being air-borne to Brisbane. Hoping for the best, sure to be an excellent and challenging expedition.

Anyway, I shall be looking forward on meeting you once I return. Do write back soon.

With Love,


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