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A networking cover letter is different than other more common types. The main purpose of this type of work is not to get a job interview, but to create a social interaction with someone you feel could possibly give you come advice or information. It could be that the person in question is highly recommending in his field, and that you’re a novice graduate who is seeking counsel on what the most appropriate step to take would be. Other situations could be that you and the person you are writing to have an indirect connection, being in from work or a relative, and wish to get to know each other.

Regardless if the networking cover letter you wish to create is one of the two previous situations or not, the following sample networking cover letter will give you a good perspective on how exactly you should go about developing one yourself. Keep in mind that the tone of the message is a lot less formal that a normal cover letter would be. You are not seeking for anything material from the person in question, and that should be easy for them to understand from your message. Also, remember to mold your cover letter to your specific situation and to only include the most appropriate information.

—————————————                            —————————————

John Mitchel

1121 Sandy Road

Salinas, CA, 93900

Home Phone Number: (831) ZZZ ZZZZ

Mobile Phone Number: (831) ZZZ ZZZ ZZZZ

March 16th, 2011

Dear Ms. Milton,

I am a chemical engineering student from the University of Kings United where you give classes every Wednesday and Friday. Regrettably, I have not had any classes with you but I hear you are one of the most popular teachers on campus.

Recently, I have found out that you gave a lecture in the auditorium in the C block regarding a wide range of topics I am very interested in, especially the one with regard to the rare molecular compounds found in nature. If it is not too much to ask, I was wondering if we could meet up at university during the following week so that I could clear some of my doubts with regard to your previous lecture. If I had known you were giving a lecture last week I definitely would have participated, and possibly cleared some of my doubts then and there.

If by any chance you have another lecture coming up, please let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I very much hope that we can get in touch.

Best regards,



—————————————                            —————————————

The tone of the previous letter was much more casual than you would expect a resume cover letter to be. This in many ways is a good thing, since there is very little pressure being put on the reader. However, we must remember that the person of interest has no obligation to meet up with you at all, so the letter itself has to be compelling. Some key factors to consider are to keep in the information short, interesting, literate, and appropriate to the topic at hand.

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