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Resignation letter, as the name suggests is generally written to obtain freedom from any unwanted job or detrainment from unsatisfied position or workplace. Merely a resignation letter is often produced in order to join a better job or well facilitated position instead of the present job situation. A resignation letter generally ought to be always on a positive note. Employees alter their jobs from time to time, as if it is almost a part of life. Leaving on a positive note might be difficult on certain cases, but providing the employer the appropriate time to fill up the vacancy is essential. If you are stationed at a higher position, generally providing at least two week’s time is customary. This facilitates the company or institution to have the new recruit trained, preferably by you, as it is courtesy to the company, as well as to your co-workers.

Negativity must be avoided. Being positive always is essential, and need of the hour. Speaking negatively about employees from the past company to anyone should be avoided. Think of the achievements and the positive aspects thus obtained from the past company.

Always be courteous and polite while producing the resignation letter. The language of the letter should not reflect arrogance. Never be oblivious to be thankful for the past stint with the institution.

Here are a few examples of resignation letters.


Your Name

Your Address


Managers Title

Company Address

Dear John,

I would like to resign from my position as (job title) with (company name) to leave (date).

I would like to avail this opportunity to admit that undertaking this decision has been difficult, as working at (company name) has been a positive experience and has made me grateful. I am really thankful that working here has not only enriched my knowledge but also evolved me into a complete worker.

However, I am pretty enthusiastic about the new position I am about to undertake and my decision is irrevocable as presently I am legally bound by having signed a contract.

It is obvious for me to provide full commitment towards the job entrusted to me at my present company until my departure.

I wish (department and company) every success in the future and I am thankful to you all for the opportunities I have been provided during my time here.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

Today, in this tech-savvy generation, a sample of e-resignation letter is provided.

Sample 2 – Email Resignation Letter

Email Subject Line: Resignation

Dear Manager Name:

It is with due respect that I provide you my formal notice of resignation as [your title] at [company name].

I have accepted a position with XXX Company which shall enhance my career opportunities in the future. I have cherished every moment here in this company, the colleagues being helpful. Here was a perfect working environment.

I appreciate the professional development and growth from [company name], and particularly from you Sir. The mentoring support provided by you has not only encouraged me but shall continue to leap forward in my career. I wish the company [company name] shall continue to thrive to growth and success in the future.


Your name

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