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Resigning from a job is a positive sign of moving up in your career ladder. As much as the move is well thought and planned, it is also essential to maintain a good relationship with the current employer. This will leave a positive last impression. Therefore submitting a professional Resignation letter plays a vital role in leaving a good last impression with the current employer.

Contents to be included in Resignation letter

  •  Name of the person to be addressed
  • Effective Date of resignation and the last date
  • Specify the notice period in number of days/months
  • Express your intentions for the move
  • Highlight your learning’s in your current role and appreciate the support provided

in grooming up your knowledge

  • Thank the current employer for the time and opportunity given

Do’s in Resignation letter

  • The letter should be short and succinct
  • Remember the Resignation etiquette (Focused and confident in expressing your intentions for the move)
  • Be polite and resign positively
  • Ensure the relationship with employer remains positive, leaving professionalism
  • Willingness to help in Training your successor and having a Transition plan in place

Don’ts in Resignation Letter

  •  Don’t be an extortionist and negative in expressing
  • Never talk about counteroffers, the other headhunters are offering you
  • Tie up loose ends in your work and never project them as outstanding
  • Never threat the employer
  • Do not brag about your new job

Please find few of the Sample resignation letters for your reference

Sample resignation letter-1 (Basic Template)


David Ham

Programme manager


Dear David,

I would like to inform you that I ‘am resigning from my position as (Current Role) with (Employer name), effective today (Today’s date).

Thank you for the support and the opportunities that you have provided me.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance during the Transition, I would be glad to help however I can.

Thanks and Regards


Sample resignation letter-2 (Professional Template)

 Andrea Hopkins
No 3, Delaware
Boston, MA, M0214
(Mob) 1-779 883 7654
[email protected]

Date 3rd Jan 2014

David Ham
Programme Manager
City Hunts
Southern Artery
Boston, MA, M0214

Dear Mr. Ham,

I would like to inform you that I ‘am resigning from my position as (position held) for the (Company name), effective (Leaving date).

I would want to say that making this decision has been difficult, as I have a very positive experience with the (company name). However, I’m quiet excited about the new position that I will be moving on into, as change is inevitable.

I’m conscious of the need to support in training my successor until my Departure and shall give my full commitment until then.

Thank you for the opportunities provided to me in professional and personal front. I have enjoyed my tenure and appreciate the development opportunities offered to me.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and the company the best of success.


Andrea Hopkins

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