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A resume is a very important document in your journey to a new job search. This document will speak for you in many companies. The first impression of you will be created in the employer’s mind on going through your resume. So it is very important to create a perfect resume that reflects your style and experience.

Why do you need resume examples?

There are many resume examples available online and in many books. A swift review through them can help you create the best resume that will work for you. Also, you can tweak the examples to suit your needs. Your resume needs to highlight your achievements and strengths. Also, with many resume examples, you will get an idea of how to place the various details around the resume.

Do you need a chronological or a functional resume?

A chronological resume gives you a simple and straight forward approach. It must be crafted within a page with all essential details. It is a very common format used widely. A functional resume emphasizes the skills you have. The chronological resume is traditional but the functional is new. A functional resume is very useful if you have had no work experience or if you have had a gap in your job history. But this functional resume is not professional. It shows that you have something to hide. So use this carefully.

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