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Another name for cover letter is an application letter. Generally a business letter which is official often includes an application seeking a job and/or resume and are sent to an employer. Although application letters are sometimes considered optional components of application for a job yet in the recent past the renowned employers have hand-picked only those candidates who actually invested the time to write an application letter. Knowing the reason of why the application is made is essential. At the same time getting acquainted with the requirements and personal quality is met is to be known. The general and most obvious components of a typical, successful application letter includes:-

Professional Style

 Application letters should be written in a professional manner and the office language should be followed. They should follow the proper grammar and should be thoroughly checked for typos and errors.


In general most of the application letters begin with a simple “Sir or Madam but it is better to address personally to the hiring authority or the actual person involved in selection and appointment process (which obviously takes some research on the part of the job applicant).


The most essential part of the application letter is the body, usually ought to be 3 to 4 paragraphs, should explain the reason as why the applicant is a good fit for the job, stating relevant experience, and shows how that experience would be a necessity if selected for the career opportunity.


An application letter is rarely sent to a prospective employer alone. Hence, it should include a resume, an expected salary, list of references, and/or other testimonials of various achievements.


An application letter should not be more than one page in length. It is advisable to fill up most of the page as it attracts attention on part of the employer


Company Name 
City, State, Zip Code 

Dear Contact Person

I would like to present my application for the post of ZXY in your company. The position seems to fit my qualification as well as interest.

Presently I am working as a ABC in ZZ Company. I am looking for a company that would provide me a more challenging environment which shall permit me to learn new technologies to achieve my objective.

For your information I am the major AA handling a region in my current company. To speak of my experiences, I have undergone through three software development cycles as well a represented my current company for onsite support in Hong Kong. Besides, I am knowledgeable in OO concept and am optimistic that I have lot to offer for your company.

If chosen, I shall work towards achieving objectives and goals for your firm and is willing to attend any training provided by your company. I shall be happy to improve my qualities from time to time.

I am prepared to be called up for an interview by the company at any convenient time. I hope they my application shall receive a favourable reply from you.


(Name of the applicant)

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