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Cover letters are used to explain the contents of your letter to your potential future employer. Since you are generally new to the hiring manager, you need to write an introduction about yourself and add a few words more. Cover letters can and must accompany your resume and your curriculum vitae. Most of us tend to ignore cover letter writing completely. Even if you think chances are less for your cover letter being read, take advantage of what it can do. Using cover letters to your full advantage can help you get hired.

The importance of a cover letter

A cover letter makes the very first impression on your employer’s mind. Since it is the first impressions that always count, you need to take good care and draft a perfect cover letter to your employer. An effective letter is one which follows the right tone, is short, is neat and has appropriate content. The tone and the content can vary greatly according to the job you are applying for. So it is generally advisable to get help from experienced family members and friends. There is also a lot of information available on the internet too.

 The general rules

The general rules of letter writing apply to a cover letter as well. The letter should be short. You can mention many details in a cover letter which otherwise would not be known to the employer by just seeing your resume. The cover letter must draw attention to your accomplishments and explain your purpose for applying to the job. You can highlight a few important skills or experiences too. The cover letter will be held as an example for how effectively you can communicate.

Email resumes

Many hirers mention the type of resumes they expect – some may need a hard copy and others prefer an online application. Even if you are applying by mail, include a cover letter! This may be a mere formality, but can get your chances to say things you cannot mention in your resume or the curriculum vitae.

A sample cover letter

Here is a sample cover letter to let you understand the parts of a cover letter. Research and review many letters and then choose to write your own one. Keep your cover letter free of cluttering formatting, bright colors and killer spelling mistakes.

Your Name

Any street, any city

Any state – zip code

Contact number: 00000000                                                                                                              [email protected]

September 21, 2013

Manager’s name

ABC Company

Any street

The city, province, zip code.

Dear Mr. Manager,

I am submitting an application for the openings at the ABC Company for a photographer as you have advertised on the Xyz portal on September 20, 2013. I am interested in a senior level position offering me the opportunity to conduct advanced photo shoots.

I have spent my past 8 years in this field, working and photographing many types of scenery for a nature documenting magazine. During that time, I have had many kinds of experiences that have made me a skilled photographer, camera repair man and an excellent photo editor. I am eager to serve the ABC Company and to help meet its creative needs.

I can be reached at 0000000 or by my email [email protected].

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