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The Art of writing resignation letter not comes by practice, but by having a genuine attitude. One of them may be to maintain a positive relationship with the employer. Essentially when you have a strong relationship with the employer, you have to take time to detail out the reasons and appreciate little intrinsic details. As you never know, you might work back with the same employer in the Future.

Never give an audacious resignation letter, whatever the circumstances are. Be it a tough employer, you will have to handle the situation tactfully for you might have to get a glowing reference from them for your future employer. Do give a background for your resignation. The reasons may be many, be it a relocation, new job, or personal reasons. Do not mention anything negative, as the resignation will be in your employment record. Give your True reasons and be in good Terms to get a sense of satisfaction on your resignation.

Put in your effort to make the exit a gentle one and not a stream rolling slide to the exit. If you had stayed short with the employer, a Basic template can be used. If you had a longer tenure, pick a formal and professional template.

Resignation letter Template

Contact Information

 You’re Name

You’re Role



Employer Contact Information

Name of the Person to be addressed.



Dear Mr. /Ms. Last Name

Specify the Reason for Move

 Do specify the reason for your move in a positive note and do not get emotional. Say it with a soft blow, write positive statements.

Give your Notice period

 Write down your effective last date, and your last date. Give considerable amount of time for the employer to fill your position. Show your willingness to help out in Training.


 Say Thank You

 Thank the employer for the opportunities provided and how the role has influenced your career. Share positive memories of your job.


Stay Professional

 Write your resignation letter professionally, keep it courteous and formal.


Complimentary Close

Sincerely yours



 Your Typed Name


Sample Resignation Letter













Dear Manager,

I’m writing to inform you that I will be resigning from my current position. My last day will be (Date/Month).

Rendering my resignation have been a tough decision, however I have got an opportunity that I believe will help me achieve my long term career goals and this move will lift me up in the area where I wanted to gain my expertise.

My notice period will be for 2 weeks, and last day being (Day/Month). Please let me know if you wanted me to work on any projects, I’ll be glad to assist.

I hope I can come back for any positive reference that I may need in future.

It’s been a pleasure working with you and the company. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity provided to me in my Tenure. Wish you and the company a continued success.

Thanks again.

Yours Sincerely




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