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Cover letters are considered old standards by many. But some of us still write cover letters for our resumes and curriculum vitae. Which is the correct rule? Also, most companies prefer digital applications rather that the written or printed ones. Would it be not absurd to write a cover letter for an email? Also, in today’s age of speed and fast scanning of documents, is a cover letter a waste of time?

Are cover letters even read?

Many of us know that in this fast world, our cover letters are not even given a single glance. Cover letters have stopped being mentioned in the company’s requirements for the applications too. But these cover letters provide a small extra space to convey something about you. After all your hard work in creating your resume, adding a few more words to create a cover letter will not be very hard. Many employers tend to read a cover letter after short listing the resumes. So, if your resume is shortlisted, a cover letter may help you make a strong impression among those few and help you get your dream job.

Attention grabber

A resume is given the full attention and only if it is good, a cover letter is given importance. So take care when drafting your resume. All the basic formatting rules of drafting a resume may very well apply for the cover letter writing too. If the company allows, make a phone call to the hiring manger. You can reference this call in your cover letter which will make it more interesting. Also, long cover letters are a complete bore. Draft concise letters and write only those things which will make the hiring manager interview you. Also, the next content of the cover letter should be about what you can do for the company. Do not talk about your personal needs there. Specify and explain how your services can benefit the company.

A single cover letter solution?

Also, another pint emphasized by many experienced writers is the wrong use of cover letters. You cannot just draft a cover letter and use it with all your resumes – the reader needs to get an impression that the cover letter was written just for him/her. Use of some smart keywords related to the company and talking about relevant skills can make your cove letter tailor made just for the specific company. This will soar your chances of getting hired.

A sample cover letter

Here is a sample cover letter for beginners.

September 21st, 2013

Your name

#000, North Street,

Province, zip code

The manager

The ABC Company

Xyz complex

Province, zip code.

Dear Sir,

In response to your advertisement for the xyz job position, I am enclosing a resume for your review. I have always wanted to be a research scientist all along.

I am sure I would be a valuable addition to your current research team with my experience and educational background.

I have worked with the KKK Company for over 5 years and have had many experiences in dealing with top priority researches and projects.

Thank you for the time and consideration.


Your name.

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