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You have worked hard to create a perfect resume. And your resume was accompanied by a perfect cover letter as well. You were selected to join the higher authorities with an interesting interview and it went quite fantastic too. What do you do next? It a good etiquette and a very nice gesture to send in a thank you note to your hiring manager. What do you do if your interview did not go well as expected? It is also a very good habit to share your experiences and thank them for providing you the opportunity.

The time to send in the notes

It is always advisable to send in your thank you note within 24 hours of getting your replies form the company. You can make a thank you phone call or send a tank you email if it will help. A thank you note will serve the same purpose as well.

Edit the letters well

A blank thank you letter that will fit any situation is not an obvious great choice. You need to customize your thank you letter based on the experiences and your conversation in the interview. There are many types of thank you note based on the employment job you applied for. A thank you note will make a good impression in the eyes of the hiring manager and help you get in good terms with him in the future. Even if your interview was a disaster, it is good etiquette to thank the manger for the time and opportunity.

The length

The length of the thank you letter can vary according to the need. If your experience was particularly bad, you can just keep it short and simple. If you had a very good experience and enjoyed the interview, express it in your thank you note. It will help you follow up on the results of your behavior in the interview.

The role of a thank you note

A thank you note may be of a bigger importance Ethan you thought. A few words can help you be remerged by the hiring manger. Even if you were denied job position for the current opening, a good thank you note can make the manager use in some form in the future when suitable openings become available in the firm.

Thank You Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Manager,

Thank you for spending such quality time with me yesterday. I was really astonished by your clear perspective and your long term goals and plans for the company. I felt that myself lending me in sharing your vision of the new 30 branches within the end of this year.

Also, our conversation gave me a better and clear understanding of the requirements of the job and the company’s plans. May strong skills in this field would surely help me make a very positive contribution to the company. The additional slide shows were very interesting too.

I also enjoyed touring the company’s head quarters.

Thank you for giving me your direct phone number. I will call you by next week to know the status.


Your name.

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