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Want to go to next round during your recruitment procedure? Want to be selected in the top firms? Then it time that you should have a proper knowledge regarding the first step to your selection. Resumes are the first step to your selection. To have an interesting and eye catchy resume of your own follow few steps which are necessary for you.

There are few things which you should never do before you apply for a job or before preparing a resume such as:-

Applying for a job for which you are not qualified up to the mark

Many candidates believe that finding a job is like a lucky draw contest. Just drop in the resumes and you will surely land on some or the other jobs. Actually recruiters hate wasting time on resumes which doesn’t come up to the mark. In short of you are not eligible for the job then it is advice that you should not apply for it because it will result in nothing but failure.

A lofty mission objective

In today’s market is mainly about the company and about the candidates. So mission or objective statements having particularly all the hopes, dreams and aspirations the applicant is having is neglected by the recruiters.  They are least interested about your problems and they won’t even try to solve it. You can include a mission objective but with other issues. Write an objective mission which will specifically highlight what all qualities you are having and why recruiters should select you.

Generic resumes are liked more

If you want your resume to be the unique and the best one in the eyes of the recruiters then you should be very clear and descriptive about each and every thing you mention. Make sure that you have mentioned that you will start working or solving the problems as soon as you receive it. Be what you are and don’t just show off, in simple words mention all the qualities you are having but don’t mention much as this may lead you making a robot in the eyes of the recruiters. It should also speak about the individual industry problems and how easily you have gained an experience in dealing with clients, loyalty, profitability, efficiency etc from your past job.

How can you help recruiters with their clients?

Experts want to know how you can be useful to them when it comes to clients. By your resume itself you can show them that how can you be useful to them. They usually don’t prefer taking those candidates who need polishing and training for handling clients.

Don’t explain the past experience for new positions

Candidates should avoid explaining their past experience in their previous jobs. They should be totally focused on what they want in their present. Yes the past experience can be fruitful if it is presented properly also it should be an effective one.

General resume tip for you

Whatever information you are giving in your resume should be real. In other words whatever you are mentioning such as your job experience, qualification, achievements, etc all should be a real one. Don’t think that you can fool the company and get the job very easily.

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