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The most important step in an application procedure is writing a motivation letter. Based on this letter the company will select their candidates or participants. There are few common questions which do arise while writing a motivation letter, such as where to start? What all you should say? What all you shouldn’t say? Here below you will get few answers to your questions.

There are certain tips which if you follow properly then you will surely land up in writing a perfect motivation letter.

Where to start or you can say how to start?

  • If you are going to apply for an event then the first thing you should do is read all the informations that are mentioned on the website. What is the event about? What are the types of participants? etc. 
  • There are many motivation letters coming to that organization and it will be very tuff for them to select the best one out of them. If you want to be the odd one, if you want yourself to be chosen by them then you have to be different from the others. Make your motivation letter creative, funny, interesting so that it will easily capture the attention of your reader.
  • It is very obvious that your letter should be in English.

What all you should write or say?

  • You can mention points regarding you like what you study, what are your hobbies, sport that you love, what you do in your life and maybe the language in which you speak etc. All these will help the organizers to know about you.
  • Why you want this event, why you want go to abroad and many more informations are unknown to the organizers. Make them know each and every aspect your interest. Will this event help you in any manner in your coming future? If yes then how? What made you take interest in this type of event?
  • It happens few times that you have to mention that why you want to go that country. Before going to that country you have do research and get information about that country. It will help you in know about the famous monuments, traditions, dishes, and places in that country. Organizers do take interest in your application if you show real interest in that country.
  • What will you offer in that event will itself give weight to your letter. In other words your letter should contain all the information that why should they pick you up.
  • Sometimes it is very important for you to mention that you have ample of knowledge regarding the topic of the course.

What all you shouldn’t say?

  • You can avoid being formal in the letter. In short no need to use formalities in the letter such as “Dear madam or Sir”
  • Remember that your motivation letter is not curriculum vitae (CV). So there is no need to mention from which school or college you passed, or what are your grades, or what jobs you did earlier etc.
  • No need to mention pictures in your letter. It will surely put in a negative impact on the reader.
  • To make your letter unique and different from others you should avoid copy paste because this is not recommended.
  • Avoid making your letters too long. Short, simple and informative letters are very much acceptable by the organizers.
  • The most important thing is regarding the submission. Don’t submit in the last moment.

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