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Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney is a blessing in disguise for all those who suffer an injury because of the negligence of the property owner. People tend to believe that slip and fall injury is more of a negligence on their own part rather than negligence of the property owner. This is the reason why many people do not even think of filing claim for compensation.

However, the fact is that slip and fall cases may arise at places like hospitals, malls, offices, etc. The reason behind slip and fall injury will be the determinant of whether you will get a compensation or not. If the cause of injury was wet floor, uneven surface, poorly lighting in the pathway or such similar reasons, then the property owner will owe you compensation. Basically, any reason which the owner should have known or had a duty of care will allow you to claim a financial compensation. 

Commonly, compensation for slip and fall cases covers medical expenses, present loss of wages, future loss of incomes, and non-economic damages as well. Now, in order to claim compensation you will have to follow certain rules and procedures. Obviously, the severe injuries that slip and fall cases cause and the lack of legal knowledge puts you on a backfoot. You definitely need someone who can takeover the whole process of filing the complaint and building the case. Naturally, the choice is to hire a slip and fall attorney who will represent you and will get you the due claim of compensation. 

Steps to follow when you get a slip and fall injury at workplace:

Above was an overview regarding the key points about slip and fall cases. While this information is important, you also need to know how to proceed when you get any slip and fall injury. Following are the six steps that will guide you for what to do after a slip and fall injury:

  • Medical attention

Before anything else, worry about your own health and well-being. Whenever you get any injury in slip and fall cases, the first step is to immediately get medical attention. Sometimes ignorance leads to severe injuries which may be difficult to heal for a long while. Make sure you get first aid and take all the tests for deep scanning of internal and external injuries. Also talking about the legal aspects, not taking prompt medical help may even negatively impact your claim for compensation. 

  • Reporting of accident to superviser or manager

At workplaces, the supervisor or managers are the first point of contact. The moment you get any injury, make sure you inform about it to the supervisors or managers. Immediate notification will give you access to the best medical care and well as will lead to a smoother compensation claim. Furthermore, once the incident comes to the notice of the supervisor, it becomes their responsibility to inspect the place and ensure any repair necessary. In this manner, you will play an important role in preventing any injury to someone else. 

  • Evidence gathering

Workplaces witness people coming and going constantly. When you get an injury at a workplace, it is important to gather all the evidence immediately. Click pictures and access the CCTV footages to ensure that the exact scenario is clear for future reference. This evidence gathering can take place either yourself or you may ask your colleagues for help. An even better approach is to have a slip and fall attorney with you who can then take the case proceedings ahead. 

  • Documentation record

Just like any other case, the slip and fall case will also require you to have complete documents in place. The documents will involve medical bills, proofs for establishing duty of care of the company or such similar things. Each and every document holds immense value in a slip and fall case, and you must keep them all safely.

  • File workers’ compensation claim at the earliest

There are provisions for workers’ compensation claim with the employer’s insurance company. If you get any injury inside the work premises, you are eligible to claim compensation for the damages. Make sure you are filing the compensation claim at the earliest moment possible. 

  • Contact an attorney

Every individual has a right to a safe and healthy workplace. Getting an injury at your workplace gives you some legal rights. Hiring a slip and fall attorney will provide you with guidance and representation to claim compensation. Make sure you are constantly in touch with your slip-and-fall attorney till the case is resolved. 


There is always a process to follow whenever a legal aspect is present in personal injury. The steps vary a little as per the case scenario. But the broad overview always covers getting medical help, reporting the incident, gathering evidence, and claiming compensation. 

In personal injury case, having an attorney to guide you will always be of benefit. You will know how any of your action cases impact your case. So make sure you are choosing the best attorney for your representation and communicate the case facts in a clear manner.

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