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Finding Efficient Ways To Use Less Energy 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner

Most households are worried about how much energy they use when energy prices start to climb. It is becoming clear that conserving energy will have a significant impact on our communities. It’s no secret that finding efficient ways to use less energy while maintaining comfort is a trendy issue. There are several methods to Go Green that won’t cost a fortune. Increasing the caliber of your HVAC equipment is one of the most effective methods.

As a result, your system will use less energy and be more ecologically friendly (due to the regulation of chlorinated refrigerants). If you decide to replace your HVAC unit, there is a state-of-the-art system that is being installed in many buildings around the Northeastern United States and is significantly altering energy usage and indoor environment.

1.5 Ton Air Conditioner

Conventional I.5 Ton Air Conditioning Systems

A cutting-edge strategy known as the “Soothing Comfort System” (patented by Zooming Industries) has the potential to fundamentally alter split system HVAC systems. The Soothing Comfort System installs a plate-type heat exchanger after the A/C coil on your supply trunk line. The moisture content (relative humidity) in the air undergoes a very effective phase transition as a result of the heat exchanger. The water vapour in the air has to be condensed and eliminated in order to lower humidity levels.

The amount of energy required to remove this humidity increases as the air’s moisture content increases. Conventional air conditioning systems are not meant to dry out the air; rather, they are meant to reduce the interior (sensible) temperature. The inclusion of a heat exchanger will reuse the sensible heat from the return air by directly transferring it to the supply air while utilising pre-cooled air from the A/C coil.

1.5 Ton Air Conditioner

The cooling coil experiences a much lower temperature from the return air as a result, which reduces the energy required to remove humidity from the air. When this is happening, the return air warms the normally chilly supply air (often in the mid-50°F range), making the room more pleasant and using less energy.

Consequence Of The Increased System Capacity

You will notice a change in your house if you choose to get a Soothing Comfort System. The Soothing Comfort System will increase system capacity by 20% in humid regions and up to 40% in drier climates, removing at least 30% more moisture from the air in your house. As a consequence of the increased system capacity, homeowners will be able to install more compact HVAC systems in their houses, which will reduce energy use and monthly electric costs.

For instance: Your HVAC system uses between 1734 to 2217 kilowatt hours of power per month if you reside in a region with high humidity and have a 1.5 ton AC in a 1100 square foot house. You might lower your system’s capacity to 2.5 tonnes and save 285–396 kilowatt hours per month if you upgrade your existing system with the Soothing Comfort System. The savings from changing the SEER of your equipment would be added to these decreased kilowatt hours.

Environment Is Unpleasant And Ineffective

Living in a humid environment is unpleasant and ineffective. Everything we can do in the present to lessen our carbon footprint will help both the present and the future. The possibilities are infinite if we move quickly and take advantage of fresh ideas proposed by visionaries like the engineers at Zooling Industries. The proper way is where we are going. It’s evident that our way of life is about to change. The little steps we take each day will ultimately lead us to the greater ones.

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