Request Letter Format

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Steps to be followed while writing a request letter Steps to be followed while writing a request letter To compose letter for request, keep it straightforward and the first passage, explain the addressee why you are composing then if proper, give the individual you are keeping in touch with correlated data to help them recall [...]

Recommendation Letter Template

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Recommendation Letter Template For a few employments, employers demand letters of recommendation in written format. They may even ask for them as a feature of the provision process. In these cases, the petitioner is asked to submit recommendation letters (commonly a few) with their resume and presentation document. When you're approached to furnish a reference [...]

Curriculum Vitae

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Curriculum Vitae or generally referred to as CV in the acronym arena has derived its name from Latin, which boasts of lending a bulk number of words to English Language. Curriculum Vitae in Latin means “course of life”. Basically a Curriculum Vitae is a precise document summarizing the past professional skills and experiences. The purpose [...]

Sample Resume Objectives

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An objective is a quite small part of resume, but with immense importance. It is the first read part of a resume and so determines whether your full resume is read or not. A clear resume objective denotes your clear employment goals and your expectations for the type of jobs you re waiting for. Creating [...]

Resume Models

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A Resume is a condensed version of your professional summary and it important to give in specific details and prioritize the content of the resume. Resume gets you to the recruitment door, so keep it eye-catching, brief and short. Guidelines for a Powerful Resume It is important to include your contact information, as it makes [...]