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family tree maker 2019

Family Tree Maker 2019 is genealogy software used to create and edit a family tree. It allows users to organize and visualize their family history, including adding and editing information about individuals, relationships, events, and photos.

Some features of Family Tree Maker include:

  • Importing and merging data from sources such as, GEDCOM files, and other genealogy software.
  • Displaying family trees in a variety of formats, including ancestor trees, descendant trees, hourglass trees, and fan charts.
  • Providing tools for finding and adding missing information about ancestors, such as birth and death records, census data, and historical documents.
  • Generating reports, charts, and books to share with others.
  • Integrating with, which provides access to billions of historical records, photos, and documents.

Family Tree Maker 2021 is a useful tool for amateur genealogists, family historians, and professional genealogists. It helps users organize their research and easily access and share information about their family history.

However, it’s important to note that Family Tree Maker is a proprietary software and requires a subscription to use its full features. Additionally, the software has experienced some technical issues and changes in ownership over the years, which has caused some dissatisfaction among its users.

Overall, Family Tree Maker is a valuable resource for those looking to explore and document their family history. It provides a wealth of features and tools to help users create and share their family tree with others.

family tree maker 2019 features

Family Tree Maker 2019 is a genealogy software that helps users create, edit and organize their family trees and genealogy research. Some of the key features of Family Tree Maker 2019 include:

1.     User-friendly interface: The software has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and input data.

2.     Import/Export: Users can import data from other genealogy programs or websites, and export data in a variety of formats, such as GEDCOM or PDF.

3.     Tree View: Family Tree Maker 2019 provides an interactive tree view that shows the relationships between family members and allows users to easily explore their family history.

4.     Historical Record Integration: The software integrates with, giving users access to millions of historical records, such as census data, birth, death, and marriage records, immigration records, and more.

5.     Media Management: Users can add photos, videos, audio recordings, and other media to their family tree, helping to bring their family history to life.

6.     Sharing and Collaboration: Family Tree Maker 2019 makes it easy to share your family tree with others and collaborate on genealogy research.

7.     Research Management: The software provides tools for organizing and tracking your genealogy research, such as notes, sources, and to-do lists.

Overall, Family Tree Maker 2019 is a feature-rich genealogy software that provides users with the tools they need to explore their family history and organize their genealogy research.

family tree maker conclusion

In conclusion, Family Tree Maker is a genealogy software that provides users with tools and features for organizing and exploring their family history. The software allows users to create, edit, and visualize family trees, and integrate with for access to historical records and other research resources. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced genealogist, Family Tree Maker can be a valuable tool for discovering and documenting your family history.

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