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How to Mount Bigger, Heavier Wall Clocks Securely

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It’s great and exciting to learn more about best wall clock price in pakistan. You may always expect the unexpected because there are so many different shapes and sizes, even when you think you’ve seen it all. With all the different types of wall hanging timepieces available today, one must be sure, when hanging larger and heavier clocks on a wall, that they are hung firmly in order for their artistic displays of time to stay put.

You must take specific steps to ensure that your clock will stay in place without endangering your wall when mounting a heavier wall clock.

Wall to Hang Clock 

as well as potential harm to your clock. You will have a wall clock that stays there without experiencing any negative consequences if you follow the instructions I’ve provided below.

Finding a safe spot on your wall to hang your clock is the first thing you need to do. A device known as a Stud Finder is used for this. Underneath your drywall or plasterboard walls are wooden support structures known as studs. Long planks that measure 2 inches by 4 inches are used to make these studs. Behind your walls, these frameworks are typically built with vertical parts spaced roughly 18 inches apart.

To determine the precise location of these stud boards

You’ll need to use an electronic tool called a stud finder to discover any that are hidden behind your wall. These stud finders can be purchased from any hardware or home improvement store. You can find the wall stud close to where you want to place your large wall clock with the help of a stud finder.

Make a pencil mark on the wall where you want to hang the clock once you have located the stud behind it. Be important to take into consideration the position of the hanger found on the back side of the clock when selecting the proper area to insert a large wood screw into the wall in order to hang your clock.

Once you have established the precise location

Drill a tiny hole into the wall with a hand drill and a small drill bit to insert the screw, making sure to go through the stud. The next step is to insert your huge wood screw into the wall after drilling a little hole in it. Make sure the screw is only driven in far enough for the head to protrude from the wall and support the clock. The weighty clock should be supported by sticking out between a quarter and a half inch from the wall. Enjoy hanging your clock.

Yet, there are rare instances where the stud behind the wall is not situated in the area where you want to hang your watch. In this case, 

Screw Anchor

The term “screw anchor” is a remedy for this. There are plastic and metal versions of these screw anchors. There are several screw anchor styles that can be used for different wall hanging projects.

Several sizes and forms are available for these screw anchors. The type and amount of screw anchor required to hang your wall clock will depend on how much weight it contains. The staff at your neighbourhood hardware or home improvement store will be able to advise you on the precise kind of screw anchor that is suitable for your clock hanging situation. Simply let them know exactly what you plan to do.Drill a hole of the necessary size into the surface after deciding on the type of screw anchor to use.

clock hanging screw 

Please remember to set your clock hanging screw after taking into consideration the location of the hanger on the back of the clock. Gently hang your clock after installing the proper screw anchor into the wall with a screw attached and jutting out of the wall between a quarter and a half inch. Ensure that your clock is mounted safely. Enjoy your timepiece.

The same techniques are followed if you’re mounting a large wall clock on a brick or masonry wall. Choose precisely where on the wall you want to drill a hole so you can hang your clock, but only use metal screw anchors with masonry or brick walls.

When done correctly, hanging a large wall clock is not a difficult task..There are specific methods and equipment to make the process simple to finish. You only need to be aware of a few simple steps.

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