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A resume is a very important tool in job hunting.  A smart and a professional resume is very important for all job seekers –irrespective of whether are seniors or freshers. And for fresh gradates or college students competing with highly qualified and experienced seniors, the resumes are the only way they can show that they are better that their counter parts. So it is very important for fresh graduates and students to concentrate on good resume creating.

A fresher’s resume

A general resume will have many parts including past work history, references and other aspects. But since college students are very less likely to have a proper work history, it is essential to tweak the format of the traditional resume. Older workers will have lots of information regarding many courses, trainings, seminars and degrees, while a fresher’s resume will be blank in all these areas. Hence, students should try and create a new resume format that will work for them. Traditional resumes should never be used by a fresher expect with some exceptions.

What is a functional resume?

A chronological resume is the traditional and commonly used form of resume by older employees. When a student attempts to use a chronological resume template, it might prove to be very ineffective. The work history and personal interests will be filled by lots of odd information like babysitting, lifeguarding and part time pizza deliveries.  So a new and modern method of resume writing has evolved. This new functional resume is essentially a student resume. Functional resumes are generally not given much importance as the traditional resumes.


Features of a fresher’s resume

  • Break down a variety of experiences in a variety of skills. Quantify the percentages, experiences and achievements.
  • Highlight your educational details well. Include dates of courses, training and any other details.
  • Many college guys and girls have fancy email addresses like princess curly or the hot guy. Such email addresses are not professional and may look very immature. Create a new email address or use your college address.
  • If there is a gap between the education dates and toady, fill it with some relevant activities to your work.

Your name here

[email protected]

Your website address

Campus Address:                                                                    Permanent Address:

#00, any lane, room no,                                                       #00,any lane, room no,

State, zip code.                                                                                   State, zip code.


University of xyz, state, province

  • Bachelor of xyz, Major in xyz Science, Minor in xyz, January 2010
  • Member xyz Department Society, January 2007


Xyz company Marketing Intern, province, State

July – January 2007

  • Updated product website daily with news and press releases.
  • Researched product status in the consumers for external marketing purposes.
  • Wrote daily reports regarding consumer satisfaction data and news information for the superiors.


Zyx hotel Hostess, province, State

June – January 2006

  • Helped customers to available tables.
  • Resolved any customer complaints with services, booking and reservations.


Zyx zyx zyx department, University of xyz

  • Recruitment Team, January 2007: Supervised members throughout recruitment process to ensure that all regulations and rules were followed.


  • Excellent in use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.


  • Fluent in French, basic knowledge in German and Italian.


  • Boating, biking, table tennis.
  • Chess champion in the xyz competition.

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