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A resignation letter is something very hard to for most of us. It is surely very awkward to inform the cessation of your duties from your work place. It can sometimes even strain relationships forever. But you cannot skip a resignation or a letter.  Even though it is a hard thought, an opportunity to move forward to a better position starts with a resignation letter. An oral resignation is effective too, but can lack clarity or record. A resignation letter is a formality that usually follows oral negotiations.

Is a resignation letter a must?

You may be frustrated with your current job. Or you may have been offered better job posting with a better earning range. You may have to move out of your current city or you may need a fresh and creative change. Whatever it may be, but you cannot just walk out form your office yelling ‘I quit’ to quit your current job. A resignation letter is the way to inform your superiors that you are leaving.

The 2 weeks’ notice

In some rare job positions, an immediate resignation may be acceptable. But for the majority of others, a 2 weeks’ notice is important. It is a general courtesy and etiquette to allow some time for the employer to choose another person to fill your space. Also, a resignation letter should mention the last day of our work in the particular office or company. It is however not needed to specify the reason for leaving the company.

Hostile letters

You may have had many bitter experiences with your company. Your terms of contract might have been violated or your pay might have been tampered. It is always permissible and recommended to take action on such activities – but it is not wise to do it in your resignation letter. Hostile and derogatory words may land you in legal problems. Hurting sentiments in your resignation letter may be dangerous to your future job search as well. The resignation letter will be preserved with your work files and it will be passed on to your potential future employers.


A sample resignation letter

Here is a sample of a resignation letter drafted to show you the basic outline and structure. You may just announce your resignation in a couple of line. If you were really happy with your job and are sorry about having to leave a great company, express it in a few words in your resignation letter.

Dear Mr. Manager,

It is with deep regret that I inform you of my resignation as the xxx service manager of the ABC Company.

My last working day in the company will be September 21, 2013. I have informed you 2 weeks ahead as per the agreed terms.

I appreciate the opportunities I had from the ABC Company. I thank you for all you mentoring and support that has encouraged me and helped me evolve.

I wish you, all my colleagues, seniors and the ABC company a continued growth and a great success in the future.


Your name here.

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