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Social media, a platform used by over 45% of the world’s population, is nowhere to be missed when it comes to the marketing of the brand.

Marketers have been using social media to market their products to a large scale social audience but with time, they have started leveraging social media to boost the graph of their online storefront as well.

How? Simple. By aggregation social media content with the websites. And this gave social media aggregator tools a boost in the marketing ecosystem.

What are social media aggregators?

As the name suggests, they are the tools that aggregate social media content. In simple words, social media aggregators are the tools that discover the social content, collect them using hashtags, handles, etc., and curate them into a single feed.

Using social media aggregators, marketers can collect social content and user-generated content from social media platforms using hashtags, handles, mentions, keywords, tagged posts, profile, etc. This collected content is then curated into a single feed wall and can be embedded on the website in just a few simple steps.

This helps the brand to enhance user-engagement with the brand, create an attractive gallery on the website, build trusted relations with the customers, and magnify sales more than ever before.

Social Media Aggregator Tools- The Use Cases

There are various ways in which marketers use social media aggregator tools to boost their market performance. They include

1. Website embed of the social media wall

With social media aggregators, brands can create a well-customized social media wall. One of the most elementary use cases of this social media wall is to embed it on the website. It will let your website visitors explore the social side of your brand and connect with your social presence without even leaving the website.

2. Events display of social media walls

With social media aggregator tools, marketers can create captivating and attractive social media walls that can be displayed on large screens at events. It will help you make your event even more interactive and exclusive.

3. Digital signage display

To influence the desires of the customers when they are all set to interact with your brand, marketers or brands can use social media aggregator tools to display UGC (like reviews, testimonials, feedback, images, etc.) on the digital signages for the indoor advertisement.

4. Shoppable commerce feed

Let your customers shop in a few easy steps without even leaving the page they are scrolling on. Using a social media aggregator, brands can collect UGC from diverse social platforms, curate it into a single feed and add shoppable tags to the feed. With this, they can create easy checkout links for the customers to streamline their purchase journey.

5. Email marketing

Marketers and brands can create appealing and influencing email campaigns with personalized feeds using a social media aggregator tool. It will help you expand the awareness around your brand and improve your click rates to a great extent.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Social Media Aggregator 

  • It should support maximum and diverse social media platforms to collect content from.
  • It should provide a wide range of customizations and modifications for the aggregated feed.
  • It should have a powerful moderation panel to discard the irrelevant content.
  • It should provide a rights management feature to avoid any legal issues that might occur if UGC is reused without permission.
  • It should be compatible with all the popular website building platform
  • It should provide valuable insights into the performance graph of the aggregated content.

Why Social Media Aggregator Tools Are Useful?

1. Creates Social Proof Of Your Brand

With Social Media Aggregators, brands can collect social as well as user-generated content and display it either on websites or events, or signage screens. This user-generated content adds to the authenticity and credibility of the brand. It will help the brand to display social proof of the quality of their products or services.

2. Cost and Time Effective

Imagine the time consumed to visit each social channel one by one and collect content manually from each channel. It would take quite a long time to create a social wall that can display content from diverse platforms.

With social media aggregators, brands can create their social walls in an automated and cheaper way.

3. Moderates The Content Modestly

A social media aggregator tool helps you display the premium quality content on your website by moderating the content with the help of an in built powerful moderation tool. Using this tool, brands can filter out the irrelevant and inappropriate content that might ruin the image of the brand. It helps the brand to maintain a dignified image in the marketing ecosystem.

4. Engage The Audience 

With social media aggregators, brands can display the content from diverse social platforms in one place. This will highlight the brand’s social presence in an exquisite way. It, therefore, increases the user engagement and interaction with the brand and in the events.


To level-up your marketing efforts in an exquisite way and to boost your marketing strategy effectively, marketers can leverage a social media aggregator tool. It will help you boost the engagement of your users and connect with them in a better way.

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