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Resume objective is the section to clearly mention your career aspirations and highlight your key skill sets that suits the requirement of the employer. Good resume objectives will always impress the interviewer or employer.

Shape your Resume Objective

You might be applying for the same kind of position which falls under same industry, but you have to design the objective after understanding the pulse of the organization.

For example, if you are applying for a Manager position in a two organizations falling under same industry where one is more customers centric and the other one is process centric. Then for the first organization your resume objective should talk more about the importance you give for the customer requests and the next should highlight the interest in following the process.

Case 1:

“Seeking a Manager position in the organization with opportunities to apply my skills, education and 5 years of experience in Customer handling for the growth of the organization without compromising the company process”

Case 2:

“Seeking a Manager position in the organization with opportunities to apply my skills, education and 5 years of experience in process oriented activities for the growth of the organization without compromising the Customer servicing”

Fresher’s Objective

If you are a fresh candidate then you should mention your quick learning capability and the interest you have in exploring new fields.

Your objective can be like this,

Seeking opportunity to gain the experience and growth in the field of automobiles with my Automobile Engineering educational back ground.

If you are sending your resume of a position that does not matches with your educational back ground then your objective should read like this

Fresh Mechanical Engineering graduate with interest in exploring Automobiles fields to gain versatile knowledge and experience that ensures both professional and personal growth

Lateral’s Objectives

If you are an experienced person then don’t forget to mention your years of experience, technical skills, soft skills and your expectation.

Computer Science Engineer with 10 years of experience in IT industry exclusively in Web based and Mainframes based Test Management and Test artifacts preparation. Seeking for an opportunity that demands leadership qualities and people management activities where I can utilize my soft skills and technical skills for my personal growth and for the growth of the company.

Few more examples

For a Marketing professional

MBA professional with 5 years of experience in Marketing. Looking for Area Manager Position in the organization with opportunities in Sales department where I can demonstrate my skills in convincing people with the help of my educational background and my experience.

Human Resource Personnel

MBA in Human Resource with 3 years of experience includes Recruitment handling and Induction formalities. Seeking Human Resource coordinator position where I can use my people management skill to add values to the core process of the organization

These are some of the samples which you can consider while preparing your resume. Tailor it according to your needs and find innovative ways to impress your employer. All the best.

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