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The job market is becoming very crowded now a days. There are literally hundreds of applications for each job opening, waiting to be selected. Many of them are highly qualified and very experienced seniors. If suppose you are applying for a job, what will you do if you are the 229th applicant out of 300 applications? You need something very strong to convince your hiring manger that you are the perfect person for the job. To get a second glance, you resume must not look like a heap of words – it must make a strong impression.

Create a perfect format

A neat looking resume is sure to get a second look, even if it is the last one on the line. So make sure that your resume is uncluttered, has a relevant cover letter and is free of typos. Of course, all of us are human and can err, but mistakes in your resume can denote your carelessness and indifference. Whether you are applying in paper or online, your formatting and presentation should be neat. The good and neat presentation will help you in your recruitment process greatly.

It is the skills that count

If you are applying for a certain job position, make sure you research about them a bit. Display all relevant skills and achievements in the resume in a well organized bullet. Also, add a bit more emphasis to your accomplishments by mentioning some of them in your cover letter as well. Use the appropriate language needed and make good use of your certificates in the resume. This will highlight your skills and make way for you to get the job.


Browsing through the resumes of successful friends can help you in knowing the basics of drafting a professional resume. There are many templates and samples available over the internet as well. Use them t your advantage and get your doors opened for your interview. Here is a sample resume to help you know how to turn your resume into your greatest strength and asset.



The sample resume

Your Name

Campus address               [email protected]                   permanent address #00, any street.                                                                                 #00, any street.

The province, zip code                                                    the province, zip code


Your university name here                                                       September, 2013

Bachelor of xyz in xyz division of xyz.

Your university name here                                                      September, 2013

Bachelor of xyz in xyz division of xyz.


Your job position here                                                      June 2000 – June 2013

The company’s name here.

Your job position here                                                        July 2000 – July 2013

The company’s name here.


Curriculum developer                                                                           August 2013

Assisted research                                                                                        July 2013

Analyzed the team results                                                           February 2012


  • Topper in xyz languages.
  • Skilled in assisting the management.
  • Applied own research on xyz project with intermediate success.


References will be made available upon request.

A positive resume and a cover letter can be attention grabbing or a drab. Good writing, good formatting and good proof reading can result in a proper professional resume that will make you stand out from the hundreds.

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